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Luxury Property for sale in Marbella

A guide to luxury spanish property for sale in Marbella, Spain.

Since the 60’s, Marbella has been the European city where the smart money has ended up. Nowadays Marbella’s Golden Mile is the home of royals, films stars and international financers from all over Europe and increasingly, the world. Marbella is rapidly becoming the most cosmopolitan city in the world. The British and Irish have been visiting the region as a holiday destination for the last 50 years. It is the less intimidating face of Europe where English is widely spoken, its sunny and theres safety in numbers.

A property investment in Marbella will add glamour to any property portfolio and in the opinion of Adrian McDermott from, will yield dividends well into the future. As he pointed out in the September 2002 edition of the Homes Overseas Magazine under the section of Costa Effective, when asked to comment on whether there was likely to be a decline in property prices on Marbella’s Golden Mile, he replied “the lack of supply will match demand. The Golden Mile only has a certain amount of land for development and it’s still a popular area”. This short stretch of coast is known throughout the world and the old adage about a sound property investment is never so more appropriate as here “ Location , location , location “.

Ever since the Romans realised that this area was a good place to take a break, Marbella and its environs have been receiving visitors from all over the world . By the end of the 19th century, there were other reasons to go there than simply the sunshine and scenery – there were the trading opportunities to boot. In modern times Marbella still holds the magic it has always held for the visitor and with the advent of the mobile phone and internet many more people are deciding to relocate to this part of the world and run their businesses in the company of like minded individuals .

Escape to Spain has a number of luxury properties for sale in Marbella. Please use our property search facility to view a selection and we will be happy to provide you with further information on any particular properties of interest to you.

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